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E-file Registration Links and Requirements

As part of setting up your filing calendar in Returns, complete the registration steps set by the taxing entities in the state and local jurisdictions in which you have nexusHoverTT.png. Additionally, Avalara requires that you set up and provide our compliance team with e-filing credentials along with your tax ID to complete the filing calendar setup process.

Here is a list of states and the information they require to register:

State Jurisdiction Registration link Additional required information Where do I find it? Phone number
Alabama 9501, 2620, 2100

  • E-file sign-on ID
  • E-file access code
  • Assigned and mailed to you when you register your business
ALA/RDS     800-556-7274
STACS     800-335-8291
Arkansas AR
  • The last payment amount or $0.00 if you've made no payments
  • If this is a new business, the last payment is your application fee
California CA
  • Express log-in ID
  • On your DORHoverTT.png registration confirmation
Colorado CO
  • Letter ID, or
  • Amount filed on your last sales tax return
  • Printed on DORHoverTT.png correspondence
Avon     970-748-4019
Carbondale     970-963-2733
Centennial     303-325-8000
Cortez     888-751-1911
Lakewood     303-987-7630
Connecticut CT
  • Preassigned PIN
  • Amount filed on your last sales tax return
  • Call DRS
District of Columbia DC
  • E-file username and password is mailed
Florida FL
  • Business partner number
  • Printed on tax permit or registration confirmation
Georgia GA
  • Amount filed on your last sales tax return
Iowa IA
  • Business E-file Number (BEN)
  • Printed on tax permit
Illinois IL
  • SSN of the officer that first registered you, or
  • PIN
Kansas KS
  • State assigned PIN
Kentucky KY     502-564-5170
Louisiana East Baton Rouge     225-389-3084
Jefferson County     205-325-5300
Maine ME
  • 3 digit Business Code which is found
  • Top of your personalized pre-printed sales and use tax return or on the Maine seller's certificates
Massachusetts MA
  • Amount filed on your last sales tax return
  • Your 3 security questions and answers for e-file
  • Created when you first login
Michigan MI,4676,7-238-43519_67656-342869--,00.html     517-636-6925
Minnesota MN
  • State assigned E-file password
Mississippi MS
  • State Issued Letter ID
Nebraska NE
  • State assigned e-pay login and password
  • Mailed when you register
New Mexico NM
  • Letter ID
  • Mailed within the last 90 days
New York NY
  • 5 digit PIN, or
  • If you filed NY corporation, sales and use tax, and withholding tax in the past 12 months with this taxpayer ID
North Dakota ND
  •  Login ID
  • Register permit to obtain authorization code
  • Enter permit and code
Ohio OH     888-405-4039
Oklahoma OK     405-521-3160
Pennsylvania PA     717-787-1064
Puerto Rico PR
  • Merchant's Registration Number (MRN)
Rhode Island RI     401-574-8484
South Carolina SC
  • Single Identification Number
  • Printed on tax permit or call 803-896-1350
South Dakota SD
  • Amount of tax due on last non-zero return, or
  • Temporary password
  • Call to have it mailed
Tennessee TN

  • Login ID
  • Tennesse business tax account number(s)
  • Reporting period amounts for gross sales and deduction amounts
  • Payment information for either an electronic funds transfer or credit card
  • Create an account at
  • TN business account number is located on the business certificate of registration
Texas TX
  • RT webfile number
  • Call 800-442-3453 with amount of tax due on your last return
Utah UT
  • State issued PIN
  • Mailed when you register
Virginia VA
  • Amount filed on your last sales tax return
Washington WA
  • Pre-assigned Access Code (PAC)

Wyoming WY
  • RID number
  • Amount filed on your last sales tax return
  • State issued pin
  • Mailed when you register