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Find Certificates for Customers

This article applies to:Avalara CertCapture

CertCapture provides several tools for supplying customers the forms they need to fill out. This makes it easier to provide more customer service while getting the documents you need to be exemption compliant. The certificate library includes all major exemption certificates in the U.S. and Canada.

Gather the forms you need by creating a campaign to request certificates from your customers. When your certificates arrive, upload the certificates into CertCapture.

Get forms from the certificate library

Find the templates your customers need.

CertCapture provides an easy-to-use library where you can get and customize the right exemption certificateHoverTT.png for your customer or supplier. The certificate library includes all major exemption certificates in the U.S. and Canada. 

Please note the following correction to information shared in the video below: The CertCapture Certificate Library can now be found under the Company Content menu heading within CertCapture (as opposed to the Reports menu heading detailed in this video).  

  1. On the CertCapture toolbar, click Company Content, and then click Certificate Library.
  2. At the upper right in the Certificate Library, click All Exposure Zones, and then select your exposure zone for the certificate.

  3. In the Certificate Library, next to the state or province for which you need a certificate, click a form type:
    • Blank Forms are Adobe portable document format (PDF) forms into which you can fill in your company and customer details.
    • Prefilled Forms are PDFs that already include your company name, address, and products or services.
  4. Send the form to your customer to fill out and send it back to you. For more details, see request certificates.

EnterpriseFeatureLaurels-Orange-48x40.pngHoverTT.png Create custom certificates

Have a unique business situation? Use a form you can't find in CertCapture? Contact us to learn about adding custom certificates.

Enterprise users of CertCapture can ask the CertCapture team to create custom certificates for their company. To find out more, email