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Get started with Avalara CertCapture

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Set up CertCapture to manage your customers' compliance documents. Use CertCapture to store your customers' exemption certificates, excise documents, and federal withholding forms. Connect CertCapture to AvaTax to exempt your customers' purchases from tax.

Before you begin

CertCapture needs details about your business to manage your customers' compliance documents effectively. Before you set up CertCapture, gather these things:

  • CertCapture account login and password
  • A list of the states and jurisdictions where you're registered to collect and remit sales and use tax. If you don't have a consolidated list of jurisdictions where you're registered to collect and remit, gather your registration paperwork from each jurisdiction's Department of Revenue.
  • A list of your exempt customers. You likely need to export this list from your accounting software.
  • Copies of your customers' compliance documents. CertCapture can store current and historic certificates, so gather all documents you'd like to associate with one of your customers.
  • Log into your account software and be prepared to copy this information about your business:
    • Legal company name
    • Addresses for all your locations
    • Contact information for your CertCapture account's primary point of contact
  • For the best experience using CertCapture, make sure your Internet browser meets the minimum requirements
    • Internet Explorer: IE 10 or IE 11
    • Chrome: Latest version 
    • Firefox: Latest version 
    • Safari: Latest version 
    • Microsoft Edge: Latest version


  1. Set up CertCapture
    Set up your account. Configure important settings and create a structure to store your customers and documents.
  2. Add customers and documents to CertCapture
    Use import templates to add your customer records to CertCapture. Add their compliance documents and match them to the customer records you added.
  3. Maintain CertCapture
    Run reports to find problematic customers and documents. Learn how to use CertCapture to request missing documents from your customers.
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