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Get Started with Avalara CertCapture

This article applies to:Avalara CertCapture

Set up CertCapture to manage your compliance documentation. Keep your customers' exemption certificates, excise documents, and federal withholding forms, safe and secure in the cloud.

Gather information about your business

CertCapture needs details about your business in order to manage your compliance documents correctly. Much of this information should match what's in your accounting software, which should already be up and running. Keep this information handy in order to answer questions and make decisions during set up.

  • CertCapture account login and password
  • A list of the states and jurisdictions in which you are registered to collect and remit sales and use tax
    • Tax registration documentation
  • A list of your exempt customers
  • Copies of valid compliance documents
  • Company information
    • Legal company name
    • Addresses for all your locations
    • Primary contact information for exemption compliance manager
  • For the best experience using CertCapture, make sure your Internet browser meets the minimum requirements
    • Internet Explorer: IE 10 or IE 11
    • Chrome: Latest version 
    • Firefox: Latest version 
    • Safari: Latest version 
    • Microsoft Edge: Latest version

Set up

What to do What to expect Webinar
1. Set up your company in CertCapture Set up your company profile so it matches how you do business.
2. Add your customer records You have two options for entering customer records: enter them manually, one customer at a time, or enter them in bulk by filling out a spreadsheet template.
3. Upload and validate your compliance documents  Upload compliance documents and link them to your customers. 
4. Next steps for CertCapture Request any documents you may be missing as well as any that may be expiring or already expired.