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Avalara CertCapture 6.9 Release Notes

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Read older release notes to learn about the previous additions, changes, and fixes to CertCapture. For more detailed information about CertCapture, see the CertCapture Guide.

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April 5, 2018

CertCapture release 6.9.1, April 5, 2018  


  • General performance and security improvements
  • Fixed issues that prevented uploading or downloading PDFs in certain browsers
  • Duplicate notifications sometimes appeared in the Message Center after merging or validating documents. Expect normal notifications from here on out
  • Corrected an issue that occasionally stopped users from running saved searches 
  • Made a small accuracy adjustment to the location information displayed on certain stored certificates
  • Resolved an issue where the "Saving..." button text failed to indicate when changes were successfully saved
  • Fixed issues that prevented the download of campaign files and occasionally caused errors on the Campaign Insights tab



March 29, 2018

CertCapture release 6.9.0, March 29, 2018  


  • Navigation Improvements
    • We've simplified a few selections in the navigation bar:
      • Data Entry and Requests have been combined and renamed to Manage Documents
      • Company Content has been renamed to Content Library
      • Company Settings and Account Settings have been consolidated into Settings
    • Account and Company drop-downs are now labeled appropriately
  • New Document Type selector
    • CertCapture users that manage Excise or Federal Withholding documents can now switch between document types in one place
    • Previously, the document type had to be switched manually before running reports or viewing exemption information specific to Excise and Withholding documents


  • General performance and security improvements
  • Generating reports no longer prevents users from running other CertCapture operations
  • Fixed an issue that blocked users from removing particular exemption reasons
  • The Reset to Defaults button sometimes went missing while editing certain Data Entry Sets. We found it and put it back
  • Exemption document descriptions now include state abbreviations when customizing the Ship-To zone of a customer
  • We're getting an early start on our spring cleaning by tidying up text problems and formatting inconsistencies throughout CertCapture


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