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Avalara CertCapture 6.8 Release Notes

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Read older release notes to learn about the previous additions, changes, and fixes to CertCapture. For more detailed information about CertCapture, see the CertCapture Guide.

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March 8, 2018

CertCapture release 6.8.9, March 8, 2018  


  • Corrected an issue that prevented the ShipTo tab from loading properly for customers using excise licenses
  • Improved how the search engine handles queries that generate a very large number of results
  • PO Numbers containing special characters no longer cause intermittent errors when making API calls
  • Fixed an issue in the Validation menu that limited document previews to the first page of a document

February 22, 2018

CertCapture release 6.8.8, February 22, 2018  



  • Repaired the unresponsive calendar modal for users validating documents on Google Chrome
  • Tweaked the Only Exposures from Search campaign setting so that customers with missing documents are properly included in new campaigns
  • Corrected intermittent issues that caused the Validate Documents page to load slowly
  • Improved performance of customer imports that include PO Numbers

February 8, 2018

CertCapture release 6.8.7, February 8, 2018  


  • Improved performance of the Insights module
  • Fixed an intermittent loading delay when saving a new company
  • Corrected an issue that occasionally prevented downloads of documents marked Ready for Validation

January 25, 2018

CertCapture release 6.8.6, January 25, 2018  


  • Improved performance of document uploads via fax
  • Eliminated an issue that caused occasional delays loading comments

January 11, 2018

CertCapture release 6.8.5, January 11, 2018  


  • Added the Limit to Only States From my Customer Search checkbox to campaign settings. This checkbox is available after doing a customer search with exposure zone filters.
  • You can now launch CertExpress from within CertCapture. In the footer, click Create a Certificate.


  • Selecting an invalid certificate record in CertCapture for Retail displays its specific reason code


  • Campaign response total changed when reviewing multiple rounds of campaign results
  • Customer exempt reasons couldn't be updated if the customer number contained an ampersand (&)
  • When viewing customer records, excise license and certificate exposure zones were highlighted in an incorrect color
  • Companies using only the federal withholding document type couldn't select exposure zones or use the W8/W9 template group
  • When editing a certificate, Custom Field values didn't align properly with the rest of the page
  • Attempting to download a document in the Ready for Validation stage caused "Unable to locate file" errors
  • Duplicate Document Categories couldn't be removed
  • The cursor changed when hovering over column headings that aren't clickable
  • Clicking the Verification Link when adding Washington as an exposure zone during validation loaded an incorrect page
  • The Apply to Customer Exposure Zones Only checkbox limited customer zones based on ship-zone instead of ship-state

January 5, 2018

CertCapture release, January 5, 2018  


  • Minor enhancements and fixes

December 14, 2017

CertCapture release 6.8.4, December 14, 2017


  • Campaign and Round Insights are now available only after a campaign round has been sent
  • Enter single digit values entered in the Exempt % field during validation
  • Sorting documents by Source is much faster


  • Fixed an issue where reloading the Campaign page opened the incorrect tab
  • Fixed an issue that made some document uploads sent via fax unreliable

November 30, 2017

CertCapture release 6.8.3, November 30, 2017


  • Improvements to Campaigns:
    • The Valid Certificates (Non-Exposure) checkbox is now Override (Send to All Customers from Search) and is no longer checked by default
    • The entries in the Based On column of your Campaign Overview now match the options selected during campaign creation
  • When validating a certificate, the Tax Classification field is now required
  • When validating a certificate, the LLC Tax Classification custom field is no longer required
  • We've cleaned up some capitalization and formatting inconsistencies


  • Fixed an issue that caused inaccurate values within the Data Entry > All Companies menu
  • Fixed an issue that caused the "Please enter change note for update" error message even when a note was properly entered
  • When validating exemption certificates, removing the effective date prevented validation
  • Some certificate fields didn't display properly during certificate validation
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the creation of resale tax exemption certificates in the state of Pennsylvania via CertCapture for Retail
  • On the View Responses tab of a Campaign, customer checkboxes are now read-only

November 16, 2017

CertCapture release 6.8.2, November 3, 2017


  • Improved ExciseCapture


  • Fixed bugs

November 3, 2017

CertCapture release 6.8.0, November 3, 2017


  • Campaign Insights let you:
    • Quickly discover how your campaigns are performing
    • Export campaign details for a deeper offline analysis in Excel


  • Updates to the Exemption Matrix let you:

    • Automatically update when new updates are released. Turn this off or on in your settings. (It's turned on by default.)

    • Choose which updates you’d like to use if you don’t have auto-updates enabled. We’ll let you know when updates are published.

    • Easily tell whether your Exemption Matrix matches the default settings with green check marks in individual cells

    • Reset individual cells, entire rows, columns, or the entire Exemption Matrix. Previously, the only reset option was for the entire Exemption Matrix.

  • Improved the certificate and document bulk printing (a.k.a. export) experience by communicating the 10k printing limit and letting you know when you’re attempting to exceed it

  • In CertCapture for Retail, view historical documents without including pending documents. Previously these were combined in one grid.

  • Added new fields to the customer search results for ExciseCapture:

    • Override Create Date

    • Override Effective Date

    • Override Expiration Date

    • Tax Number (FEIN)


  • Notification emails are now generating for certificates generated through the ecommerce plug-in.
  • TIN Check error messages sometimes displayed when the company FEIN matched the SSN of a deceased person. These error messages have been improved and now only apply to a SSN match.
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