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Avalara CertCapture 6.2 Release Notes

This article applies to:Avalara CertCapture

Read the release notes to learn about the latest additions, changes, and fixes to CertCapture 6.2. For more detailed information about CertCapture, see the CertCapture user guide. To see certificate library updates that show which forms have been added, removed, or updated within CertCapture’s form library, see history of form changes.

Latest release

CertCapture release 6.2.15, January 14, 2016

  • Certificate stacks uploaded through CertCapture now appear faster as they are processed, validated, escalated, and completed.

December 2015 releases

December 28, 2015

  • Avalara release 6.2.14
  • Custom exposure zones can now be added in ExciseCapture
    • Navigation: Global Admin > Exposure Zones > Add Exposure Zone button
    • User Roles: Admin
    • Screenshot
  • New option to void or delete a certificate
    • If you are interested in enabling this feature, please reach out to Avalara Support

December 10, 2015

  • Avalara release 6.2.13
  • You can now create a campaign that blends both domestic and international customers
  • Three new statuses are available in the Campaigns Overview pie chart:
    • Navigation: Requests > Campaigns > Manage (Existing Campaign) > Overview
    • Pending Validation: We have received a certificate from your customer included in the campaign but it is currently in data entry awaiting validation
    • Valid Certificate in Round ‘x’: A valid certificate was received from your customer in a given round ‘x’
    • Invalid Certificate in Round ‘x’: An invalid certificate was received from your customer in a given round ‘x’
  • Clicking the + button next to a customer record within a campaign, the Status column now reflects which round a message was sent in for each exposure zone
    • Navigation: Requests > Campaigns > Manage (Existing Campaign) > Overview
    • Screenshot
  • The Progress column illustrates what type of solicitation was included in a campaign, how many solicitations have been sent, and details if there are multiple rounds
    • Navigation: Requests > Campaigns > In-Progress Campaigns
    • Screenshot
  • The Status column has been removed for In-Progress Campaigns
    • Navigation: Requests > Campaigns > In-Progress Campaigns
    • Screenshot
  • You can now generate reports from CertCapture that yield 0 results. The report description appears in the top rows of the excel file but subsequent rows are empty
  • Web portal users can now complete SST forms for Washington and Wisconsin

November 2015 releases

November 30, 2015

  • Avalara release 6.2.12
  • Added Form SC ST-8 to the certificate form library and mapped to South Carolina for a manufacturing exempt reason

November 13, 2015

  • Avalara release 6.2.11
  • Back buttons, workflow changes, and hide/show settings added to the Web Portal
    • In the Want to add a new certificate? section of the Web Portal, your customer must select a state before the form can be filled online
    • Added a back button to the Upload/Replace Certificate screen
    • Added a setting that allows you to hide/show your customer the option to upload/complete additional forms
  • CertCapture for Retail users can now print/produce cover letters for forms that require manual submission
    • Feature is available to the following user roles: Admin, Users with CertCapture for Retail access
    • Feature is available for: Exemption Certificates
    • How to navigate to this feature: Retail Module > State Requiring Manual Submission (e.g. Florida Resale)
      • You can now produce cover letters for states that require manual submission of forms
      • First, in CertCapture, go to Requests > Certificate Templates and unmap any non-Agriculture/Resale certificates. By default, this will produce the manual submission cover letter that appears while going through the form creation process in CertCapture for Retail
      • Video Description
  • REST API Enhancements
    • Ability to pass customer information from a CRM to CertCapture for use in W8/W9 form creation
    • Ability to filter the status of requests by “delivery method” and “status”
    • Whenever changes are made using the REST API, the event is listed and the following external APIs are automatically triggered – Calc, Calc (with multi-application logic), SQS

October 2015 releases

October 29, 2015

  • Avalara release 6.2.10
  • When a form is not available in the web portal, users receive new instructions for completing that form
    • Feature is available to: Pro and Enterprise Customers
    • Feature is available to the following user roles: Web Portal Users
    • Feature is available for: Exemption Certificates, W8/W9, Excise
    • How to navigate to this feature: Web Portal > Forms Not Available Online (e.g. Florida Resale)
    • Capability: The experience is improved for web portal users who arrive at a form not available online; a new document upload message provides clear manual submission instructions
    • Screenshot

October 15, 2015

  • Avalara release 6.2.9
  • File download times have been enhanced; the system can now download up to 5 GB of information within seconds
    • Feature is available to: Pro and Enterprise Customers
    • Feature is available for: Exemption Certificates, W8/W9, Excise
    • Capability: CertCapture can handle bulk print requests and large campaigns containing 20,000+ customers

October 8, 2015

  • Avalara release 6.2.8
  • AvaTax accounts now receive a notification to contact support when adding a custom exempt reason to CertCapture
    • Feature is available to: Pro and Enterprise Customers
    • Feature is available to the following user roles: Admin, API
    • Feature is available for: Exemption Certificates, W8/W9, Excise
    • How to navigate to this feature: Global Admin > Exempt Reason > Add Exempt Reason
    • Capability: If an AvaTax/CertCapture user tries to add a custom exempt reason, they will be directed to support to ensure that the addition(s) are properly integrated into AvaTax
  • New template tag pulls the Contact field from the customer record into Email Templates/Cover Letters
    • Feature is available to: Pro and Enterprise Customers
    • Feature is available to the following user roles: Admin, Advanced
    • Feature is available for: Exemption Certificates, W8/W9, Excise
    • How to navigate to this feature: Requests > Email Templates/Cover Letters > Template Tags
    • Capability: A new template tag is available which dynamically pulls the Contact name from a customer record into an email template or cover letter for a campaign.
    • Screenshot for the exact customer field pulled
  • Admin level users now have the ability to add and delete custom user roles (previously they could only be added)
    • Feature is available to: Enterprise Customers

October 1, 2015

  • Avalara release
  • Certificates submitted through the CertCapture for Retail have multiple validation options
    • You can automatically or manually validate certificates submitted through CertCapture for Retail. Contact Avalara Support to enable this feature
  • Barcodes are applied to certificates created in the CertCapture for Retail
    • The CertCapture for Retail provides additional customer information on generated certificates. With this new enhancement, both barcodes and certificate ID's are stamped on the bottom of certificates created through the CertCapture for Retail. This lets your customer service representatives view customer specific information and transcribe relevant content to systems outside of CertCapture.
    • Contact Avalara Support to enable this feature
    • Screenshot

September 2015 releases

September 17, 2015

  • Avalara release 6.2.7
  • Custom messages can be sent with single requests for certificates
    • Feature is available to: Pro and Enterprise Customers
    • Feature is available to the following user roles: Admin, Advanced, and those with campaign access
    • Feature is available for: Exemption Certificates, W8/W9, Excise
    • How to navigate to this feature: Requests > Single Request 
    • Capability: Add a custom message above the content of a cover letter to maximize the effectiveness of the request. When you select the Expired/Invalid/Missing Cover Letter, the custom message appears before the “Dear Sir or Madam” line. For Standard Request letters, the content appears at the very top.
    • Screenshot

September 3, 2015

  • Avalara release
  • Improvements to REST API:
    • API returns: “200 0 results” message if a user searches for a non-existent customer
    • The primary key for customer REST API's is now “customer_number”. This simplifies managing customers from sources other than CertCapture.
    • Improved ease of use for pivoting data. Data is now showing on end points and it is easier to update
    • Ability to filter certificate information where “calc_id” or any column looking for an integer value is null

August 2015 releases

August 27, 2015

  • Avalara release 6.2.6
  • Added ability to validate certificates by locationHoverTT.png
    • Feature is available to: Pro and Enterprise Customers
    • Feature is available to the following user roles: All users
    • Feature is available for: Exemption certificates, W-8, W-9
    • How to navigate to this feature: Data Entry > Current Company
    • Certificate submissions via web portal are sorted in data entry by “buckets”
    • Capability: This new “buckets” feature lets admin personnel both organize the receipt of certificates submitted via web portal and manage which users have access to location-specific certificate submissions. Buckets are similar to email folders; as certificates flow into CertCapture from certain locations, the certificates flow into location-specific “buckets” on the data entry screen. By default, nothing has changed with the Data Entry interface. If you would like this feature enabled, please reach out to Avalara Support.

August 6, 2015

  • Avalara release 6.2.5
  • For Pro or Enterprise accounts, when using Email as the method of delivery for a single request or a campaign, the selected cover letter is now used as the body of the email, as well as attached as a PDF

All message editing must be done in the cover letter template, prior to initiating the request or campaign, as the email field is no longer editable.

  • For Pro or Enterprise accounts, when performing an advanced customer search, the Customer Bill / Ship Information tab is updated with four new search options in the Customer Type drop-down:
    • Customer is a BillTo
    • Customer is not a BillTo
    • Customer is a ShipTo
    • Customer is not a ShipTo
  • For Enterprise accounts, new API users can perform various Cover Letter, Template, and Exposure Zone/Exempt Reason actions. Documentation is updated to reflect these new capabilities
  • GenCert code is updated to clearly communicate error messages

July 2015 releases

July 23, 2015

  • Avalara release 6.2.4
  • For Pro or EnterpriseHoverTT.png accounts, the email address in the From field associated with a certificate or document request or campaign can be set to an email of your choosing. Contact Support to change the client notification email address in your company settings.
  • For Pro or EnterpriseHoverTT.png accounts, Admin users can select whether the MTC and SST options appear in the Select Group drop-down menu. To access, go to Data Entry > Current Company > Stacks to be validated.

July 15, 2015

  • Avalara release 6.2.3
  • For Pro or EnterpriseHoverTT.png accounts, upgrades to the campaign module allow users to:
    • Clone campaigns
    • Track the progress of campaigns
    • Send cover letters only
    • Select templates to include in campaigns
    • Integrate with Retail Module to conduct campaigns by location
  • For Pro or EnterpriseHoverTT.png accounts, the Public Wizard is available. You can provide your customers with a link to a public portal where they can fill out a certificate or document for a particular location and it is submitted directly to your stacks for validation. You must contact Support to gain access to this feature.
  • When a web portal request is sent to a customer and there is no template available, the Fill Online option is disabled and instead, the Upload Form option is available.

June 2015 releases

June 25, 2015

  • Avalara release 6.2.2
  • For Pro or EnterpriseHoverTT.png accounts, when submitting a single request for an exemption certificate, you can now select Cover Letters Only to generate a cover letter without any exemption certificate templates
  • For Enterprise accounts, you can link exemption reasons to certificate templates based on exposure zones
  • When linking multiple customers to the same exemption certificate, you no longer need to separate customers with a comma
  • For Pro and Enterprise accounts, customer and summary information appear in a dialog box next to the certificate. To access, go to Data Entry > Current Company > Certificate Stack
  • Improvements to email notification
  • In an email campaign, the cover letter subject is now the subject line for all emails
  • For the W8/W9 Web Portal, the Title field is no longer a required field

June 11, 2015

  • Avalara release 6.2.1
  • Rest API is now available
  • In CertCapture for Retail, you can now view account details, users, and permissions associated with a retail location
  • Now when you filter exposure zones by MTC/SST, it filters the MTC/SST selections to your specific exposure zones instead of selecting all MTC/SST states
  • SST exemption certificate forms are now available in the form library for all SST states

May 2015 releases

May 29, 2015

  • Avalara release 6.2
  • You can now search across customers and see which single requests have been sent. You can sort these results by date range.
  • You can now create and/or upload certificates for exposure zones that are not listed under the company's direct exposure zone list.
  • You can now create multiple certificates from a single request.
  • The CertCapture Retail module is now available. This module lets you create and retrieve exemption certificates at the point of sale and automatically store them within CertCapture.
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