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Use widgets in CertCapture

This article applies to:CertCapture

Widgets are windows that display helpful CertCapture reports. They're displayed under the page banner on the Home screen. Add, remove, minimize, maximize, and move widgets to customize the dashboard. 



  1. In CertCapture, select Home on the navigation bar.
  2. Select Add Widgets.
  3. Select one or more widgets to add.
    See the table in the next section for a description of each widget.
  4. Select Done to add the widgets.
  5. Select and drag a widget to rearrange widgets on your Home screen.

Widgets available in CertCapture

Widget name What it shows you
Account Logins Time-stamps and names for users who've logged into your account.
Download Center Downloadable reports generated by CertCapture at the request of an account user.
Expired Certificates Exemption certificates that have expired in the last 90 days.
Failed Login Unsuccessful account login attempts.
Invalid Customers Your customers that were marked with the invalid attribute by one of your account users.
Message Center Status reports for actions you've taken in your account, release notes for updates, memos from CertCapture's designers.
Expiring Certificates Exemption certificates with expiration dates in the next 90 days.
Invalid Certificates Exemption certificates that were marked with the Invalid attribute during processing.
New Certificates Exemption certificates added to your account in the last 30 days.
Pending Certificates Certificates in pending status.
Missing Certificates Customers with exposure zones that are missing certificates. Missing certificates for non-nexus states are not included.
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