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Upload and validate documents in CertCapture

This article applies to:CertCapture

Upload exemption documents, then validate and associate them to your customers. All documents that are added to CertCapture must be validated before they can be attached to a customer. 

Before you begin

Before you can validate documents and associate them with customers, you'll need to add your customers to CertCapture. 


  1. Upload documents to CertCapture.
    Upload your compliance document files to CertCapture. 
  2. Claim documents.
    Claim documents in CertCapture so other users know which documents you plan to merge and validate.
  3. Merge or separate documents.
    Review and adjust the formatting of the file you've uploaded.
  4. Validate documents and associate them with customers.
    Enter details about the document, such as the exemption reason and the customers it's associated with. 
  5. Release documents.
    If you've claimed a document but won't be able to merge and validate it in a timely manner, make sure to release the document so another team member can complete the validation process.

As you continue to do business and receive new exemption certificates, develop a routine for monitoring CertCapture for expiring documents and asking for new ones. If you use AvaTax, you can also manage customers and certificates with AvaTax Exemptions.

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