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Unlock your account after three failed sign-in attempts

This article applies to:CertCapture

To protect your account, CertCapture locks a user out after three failed login attempts. Learn how to unlock your account if you do get locked out.


  1. Contact your company's Account Administrator so they can unlock you. 
    • Account administrators can unlock users by going to Global Admin > Manage Users and selecting Reset for the user in question.
    • If you are the Account Administrator, submit a case to our support team and request that we unlock your account.
  2. If the Account Administrator can't be reached, Avalara may require the request on a letter containing your corporate letterhead.
    • Submit a case to our support team. We'll work with you to get the appropriate documentation for the request.    
    • The email must be sent from/signed by a company executive (include the title of the individual signing the communication)
    • The email must include "account admin user XXX is no longer here, change CertCapture email address to XXX and reset the password so we may access the account admin user" 



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