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CertCapture lets you quickly see the most important information about customer records and compliance documents while giving you the flexibility to customize and optimize how you work with the system. Whether you are new to CertCapture or looking for ways to use it more efficiently, the resources on this page help you get the most out of CertCapture.

Once you are oriented with the system, get started by uploading documents or adding customer details.

PLAY-BLUE-30px.png Take a Tour | Avalara CertCapture

Navigate the CertCapture Home page

When you log into CertCapture, you first see the home screen with widgets and links to many of the major tasks that you use in CertCapture. 


Access each feature of CertCapture using the toolbar. The CertCapture toolbar is visible on every page in CertCapture. This toolbar displays the menus you need to complete most tasks in CertCapture.

The CertCapture toolbar looks different based on the type of user you are – Admin, Advanced, Auditor, Read-Only, Standard, or Customized.

The page banner displays a scrolling snapshot of your account type, user data, and certificate counts.  The items you see in the scrolling display depends on the type of CertCapture account you have (Enterprise, Excise, and so on). Here are the items you could see:

  1. User: 
    Select this to edit your profile, view notifications or downloads, and log out.
  2. Settings:
    • Company Settings: Select and then select a menu item:
      • Client Details: See details about your CertCapture account.
      • Expiration Matrix: See a matrix that shows your exposure zones.
      • Custom Fields: View and manage custom fields for either customer or certificate records.
      • Assign Users: See or edit who in your organization can access CertCapture.
    • Account Settings: Depending on your type of account, select and then select a menu item:
      • Account Details: See and change the name, contact information, and company hierarchy for your account.
      • Exposure Zones: See and change your exposure zones.
      • Invalid Reasons: See and change reasons that certificates might be invalid.
      • Exempt Reasons: See and change exemption reasons.
      • Certificate Attributes: See and change certificate attributes.
      • Customer Attributes: See and change customer attributes.
      • Manage Users: See and change your organization’s user accounts.
      • User Roles: See and change the roles of your organization’s users.
    • Quick Search settings.
  3. Quick Search: 
    Enter a search term to find a customer or certificate
  4. Account, Company, and Document Type:
    Use these to navigate your account and company hierarchy, or switch to a different document type. Document Type is only visible to users on an account with multiple document types enabled.
  5. CertCapture navigation bar:
    Access to all CertCapture features and functions.
    • Home: Select to return to the dashboard from anywhere in CertCapture.
    • Search: Select and then select a menu item:
      • Certificate Search: Search for a certificate.
      • Customer Search: Search for a customer.
      • Saved Searches: See a list of your saved searches.
      Customers: Select and then select a menu item:
      • Add Customer: Add a single customer to CertCapture.
      • Import Customers: Use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file to import records of customers in bulk.
      • Same-As Customers: Link records of customers who are entered more than once under different names in CertCapture.
    • Manage Documents
      • Upload Documents: Import certificates into CertCapture.
      • Current Company: See stacks to be merged and validated for the company you are in.
      • All Companies: See details about stacks to be merged and validated across all companies to which you have access.
      • Send Single Request: Generate a cover letter or partially completed certificate that is ready to send to a customer.
      • Campaigns: Review the status of all bulk requests for certificates, called campaigns.
      • Cover Letters: Create a cover letter from a cover letter template.
      • Certificate Templates: Review and modify the certificate templates that you want to associate with specific exempt reasons.
      Content Library: Select and then select a menu item:
      • Certificate Library: Download blank or prefilled certificate forms for states and provinces.
      • Nexus Settings: Select where your company has sales tax nexus.
      • Exemption Matrix: Select acceptable document types for specific exposure zones and exempt reasons
    • Reports: Select and then select a menu item:
      • Certificate Reports: Create a report that shows the status of your certificates in CertCapture.
      • Customer Reports: Create a report that shows the status of your customers in CertCapture.
      • Logistics Reports: Create reports about computing details of your account in CertCapture.
      • User Reports: Create reports that show details about your organization’s members who use CertCapture.
  6. Account & User Details:
    Your organization’s name, logo, and a scrolling snapshot of users and documents on your account.  
    Here are the possible items:
    • Number of Customers - Customers you have added for this account.
    • Total Number of Certificates - Sum of exemption certificates that have document images plus certificates that do not have document images. 
    • Number of Users - Number of users for this account.
    • Your CertCapture account type (Enterprise, Excise, and so on).
    • Certificates with Images - Number of exemption certificates that have document images. This number should match the usage displayed in Avalara Account.
  7. Message Center:
    Common data reports for your account. Similar widgets can be added, adjusted, or removed.
  8. Quick Links:
    Use the Quick Links menu to quickly and easily navigate to the pages you frequently use in CertCapture.
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