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Set up CertCapture for Retail

This article applies to:CertCapture

CertCapture for Retail captures customer exemption certificates from the retail store floor and stores information about your customers. There are two types of CertCapture for Retail users: Admin and Retail. Admin users activate and set up the CertCapture for Retail account, add users and locations, and customize settings. Retail users enter and update customer and exemption certificate information.


  1. Customize CertCapture for Retail settings according to your business requirements.
  2. Create and edit company locations so CertCapture for Retail knows where you have exemption certificate exposures.
  3. Create Retail users that can create and edit customer information as well as create and renew exemption certificates.
  4. Assign Retail users to companies in CertCapture to ensure they can access the correct customers and exemption certificates.
  5. Assign Retail users to company locations to ensure their workflow is dedicated to the location at which they work.
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