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Send an affidavit to a customer to provide temporary exempt status

This article applies to:CertCapture

Affidavits are used to provide your customers temporary exempt status when they cannot immediately provide an exemption certificate. A signed and submitted affidavit is saved and associated with your customer's account, and serves as a placeholder document granting temporary exemption to the customer for the period defined in your CertCapture settings, rather than the exemption matrix. Learn how to send a customer an affidavit.

Before you begin

In CertCapture, go to Content Library > Certificate Library to review the affidavit forms available for each region.


  1. In CertCapture, go to Content Library > Exemption Matrix.
    The exemption matrix opens in a new tab. A green checkmark in a cell indicates its exposure zone and exempt reason settings are using Avalara's recommended defaults.
  2. Select the item you need to edit:

    • Select an exempt reason to view exemption settings by state.
    • Select an exposure zone to view exemption settings by exempt reason.
    • Select an individual cell in the table to view exemption settings for that state and exempt reason combination.
  3. Select the appropriate affidavit from the Certificate Template menu.

    Exemption matrix - affidavit.png
  4. Select Update to save your changes.
  5. Request documents from customers individually, or from multiple customers by creating a campaign.
    Select the exposure zone and exempt reason you adjusted in step 3 to send the customer an affidavit.

When the customer completes the affidavit request, they will be treated as exempt for that region until the affidavit expires. To continue being treated as exempt after the affidavit expires, the customer must sent you a copy of their exemption certificate.

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