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Send a single document

This article applies to:CertCapture

After you've told CertCapture which exemption certificates apply to your business, learn how to send copies of those documents to a vendor.  

Before you begin

Review the Get Started with Vendor Exemptions guide, and make sure you've completed the set up process.


  1. In CertCapture, select an Outgoing document type from the drop-down menu to the right of your company name.
    If you don't see a document type that ends in Outgoing, contact your Account Manager.
  2. Select Manage Documents > Send Vendor Document Request.
    The Create Vendor/Payee Exemption page opens.
  3. Select the Vendor/Payee to which you want to send the document:
    • Existing Vendor/Payee: Enter the Vendor/Payee number or name into the text field, then select from the list.
    • New Vendor/Payee: Select the + (Add Customer) button to add a new vendor, then enter the vendor name and contact information.
      You can select Generate to have CertCapture generate a unique customer number.
  4. Select a Delivery Method:
    • Email: An email is sent to the vendor's email address.
      • Select the check box to the left of Attach Document if you want to include a PDF copy of the document as an attachment. If the vendor downloads the attachment, you do not receive notification that they have received the document.
      • If you want confirmation that the vendor has downloaded the document, do not use the Attach Document option and make sure you use a cover letter that includes the CERTEXPRESS_ADDRESS_WITH_CODE template tag.
    • Download: A PDF including the document and cover letter is generated, which you can print and mail to the customer.
      To download the PDF, go to Profile > Download Center. Find the request, and select Download.
  5. Select a cover letter.
  6. Optional: Select the check box to the left of Custom Message if you'd like to include a custom message.
    If you use this option, make sure that your cover letter includes the CUSTOM_MESSAGE template tag.
  7. Select an exposure zone.
  8. Select an exempt reason.
  9. If you see a list of questions, answer the questions.
    These are custom questions that your organization can set up. The questions are meant to ensure that you send documents for valid requests. You can't send the document if your answers don't match your organization's requirements.
  10. Select Next.
  11. Enter your business information:
    • Certificate type:
      • Blanket certificate: This is a certificate that covers multiple purchases.
      • Single: This is a single-use certificate. If you select this option, you must also enter a PO Number. The certificate applies only to transactions that have a matching PO number.
    • Exemption Number Type: Select the type of exemption number that you want to include on the document. Depending on which you select, you may need to enter additional information.
    • Type of Business: Select the industry type for your business.
    • Reason for Exemption: Select the reason that your business is exempt.
  12. Select Next to sign and send the document.

The document is generated. If you selected the Email delivery type, the email is sent. If you selected the Download delivery type, select your user name in the upper right hand corner and then select Download Center to find the download.