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Search for documents

This article applies to:CertCapture

Find a certificate. Use basic search to filter by common criteria. Use advanced search options and search filters to narrow your results.

Before you begin

Be sure you've added your customers and validated their documents in CertCapture.


  1. In CertCapture, go to Search > Certificate Search.
    The Certificate Search page opens.
  2. Enter your search terms in the appropriate fields.
    • Search is keyword-based. Partial document ID numbers may be included in your results
    • To search for multiple documents, separate document ID numbers with a line break (press Return or Enter in the text field). Spaces between ID numbers yield inaccurate results.
    • To limit the search to certificates with or without document images, make a selection in the Supporting Document Exists? field.
  3. Select Document Attributes or Document Criteria to view additional search options.
  4. Optional: Select the Filter Options icon in the upper right to view advanced filtering options.
    • Associated Customer Filtering:
      • Filter with Search Criteria: (default) This setting returns customer and certificate results that match selected filters.
      • Show All Linked Certificates: This setting returns results that match selected filters. It also includes multiple records when certificates are linked to multiple customers.
    • Text Field Search Options:
      • Exact Match: (default) This setting returns customer and certificate results that exactly match the case sensitive value entered into filter criteria.
      • Case Insensitive Exact Match: This setting returns customer and certificate results that match the value entered into filter criteria, without qualifying upper and lower case letters.
      • ‘Begins With’ Match: This setting returns customer and certificate results that start with the case insensitive value entered in the search criteria.
      • Full Wildcard Match: This setting returns customer and certificate results that include the case insensitive value entered in the search criteria one or more times.
  5. Optional: Select Advanced for even more search criteria. Use this when you're searching by something very specific, such as a Tax or PO Number.
    • Using the Advanced search option allows you to select from a large number of search criteria about both customers and documents, which is helpful when you need to find documents that meet very specific criteria.
    • As an example, you could search for all customers with a TX mailing address that have NY Resale exemption certificates on file that will expire within the next 60 days.
    • Vendor sets the corresponding default values for cost center and item code. Cost center then sets the default value for purpose. 
      Use the Certificate Attributes field to find documents created by CertCapture users or customers responding to document requests. For example, find documents created by customers using CertExpress by adding "Certificate has any of the following attributes > FILLED ONLINE WEBPORTAL".
  6. Select Get Search Results to view results based on your filters.
    The Search Results page opens.

Once you've generated your search results, learn how to export them, perform bulk actions on the results, or save the search so you can use it again later.

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