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Review company details and settings in CertCapture


This article applies to:CertCapture

Review and edit your company details and CertCapture settings.

If you have multiple companies in your account, select a company from the Company drop-down below the CertCapture logo before you change anything.


  1. In CertCapture, go to Settings > Company Settings > Company Details.
    The Company Details page opens.
  2. Select one of the following tabs:
    • Company Information
      Review your company logo, AvaTax IDs, contact information, and other general preferences.
    • Company Settings
      Manage your settings and preferences for document collection and validation.
    • Retail Settings
      Manage your settings and preferences for CertCapture Retail document collection and validation.
    • CertExpress Settings 
      Manage your settings and preferences for receiving certificates with CertExpress and CertExpress Public.
    • Retail Purchaser Settings tab
      Select Edit Retail Purchaser Settings to specify the fields that your customers are required to enter as they upload certificates, and designate optional fields.
    • eCommerce Settings tab
      Select Manage eCommerce Account to set the CertCapture for eCommerce credentials you'll use if you install CertCapture for eCommerce.
  3. Select Edit to adjust the settings.
  4. Select Update to save the changes.
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