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Merge or separate a document

This article applies to:CertCapture

Before a new document can be validated and attached to a customer, you can make adjustments like rotating the pages, changing the contrast, deleting pages, or splitting some pages out into a separate document.

Before you begin

Upload a document to CertCapture.


  1. In CertCapture, view the documents available to you:
    • Go to Manage Documents > Upload and Validate Documents.
      The Upload and Validate Documents page opens.
    • From Available Documents, select Available Documents or My Unfinished Documents.
      Documents Claimed by Others are the files being validated by other users on your account.
  2. Find a document with the stage Ready for Merge and select the file name to open it in a new window.
    If the Stage column says Error: Re-Process Document, try re-processing the document. 
  3. Use the buttons on the right to rotate pages, adjust the contrast, or delete pages.


  4. Select Mark Split Here if the file includes multiple documents. This identifies where one document ends and another begins. 
    • The pages before and after the Split are treated as separate compliance documents and can be linked to different customer records.
    • Separated documents are validated individually in the "Validate certificates..." section below.
  5. Optional: If your file is a single document, set the Document Type, Exposure Zone, and Document Category. If you don't select these options here, you can change this during the next stage of the validation process.
  6. Select Submit to make the documents available for final validation.
    Select Release if you want another user on your account to process the file.

After you select Submit, the file will appear under Manage Documents > Validate Documents with the status Ready for Validation.

The next step is to validate the document.

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