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Manage users in CertCapture

This article applies to:CertCapture

Managing user access gives you the flexibility to share your information with others. Invite someone else to update the customers and documents in your CertCapture account or companies. Or, let them view information only.


  1. Add a user.
    Add new users to your CertCapture account as needed. If the user has already been added to another CertCapture account, learn how to have the user added to your account.
  2. Assign the user to a company.
    If you have multiple companies in your CertCapture account, assign users to specific companies to ensure they can access only the customers and documents that they need. Assign users individually, or assign multiple users at once.
  3. Edit or remove existing users.
    Manage existing users by editing their details and company access, or removing them from your CertCapture account.
  4. Reset a user password.
    If a user forgets their password, reset it so they can create a new password.
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