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Manage CertCapture reports

This article applies to:CertCapture

Reports help you manage all of the documents you collect and store in CertCapture. Do any of your customers have documents that will expire soon? Are you missing customer records? How often are your team members logging into CertCapture? Export reports that answer questions like these, or have CertCapture deliver them to your email on a regular schedule.

After you generate a report and get a list of soon-to-expire exemption certificates, request updated certificates from those customers. If you just want quick information and don't need a full report, try searching for certificates and customers instead.

What you want to do

What reports to use

Get information about your exemption certificates

  • Search for specific exemption certificates and export the results, or create certificate reports specific to finding expired or soon-to-expire certificates, new certificates, and invalid certificates.
  • Create an Exempt Reason Statistics report to review a breakdown of the amount and percentage of certificates using each exemption reason.

Review your customer information

Review your account activity

  • Create User reports to see a history of user logins, failed user logins for each user, and how many certificates each user has validated.
  • Review Global Admin reports to see other user activity.
  • Create a Failed Uploads reports to review certificate images that weren't uploaded due to an error.
See a history of AvaTax API call errors


Forward CertCapture reports to other users 

This is useful when individuals in your company need to review data but can't sign into CertCapture.

Schedule report emails in CertCapture

  1. Click Reports and select a certificate, customer, logistic, or user report.
  2. Click Run Report. When the report is finished, click the Email Report button.
  3. Select the days of the week you want CertCapture to run the report and email you the results.
    • Change these settings later at My Profile > My Emailed Reports
  4. Name your report. This report name is included in the subject line of reporting emails. You'll need it for setting up forwarding rules in the next section of this article.
  5. Click Add Report to save it.

Create a forwarding rule in Outlook

These instructions are based on Microsoft Outlook. Similar email applications may be used.

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Outlook or a similar email application.
  2. Create a new Rule.
  3. Go to Outlook > Preferences, and click Rules. Rules be found in the ribbon under File or Message depending on your platform.
  4. Add the following rules, using your exact report name and email recipients in the examples:
    • When a new message arrives: set this to Subject > Contains > "CertCapture Report: Your Report Name"
    • Do the following: set this to Forward To > Your recipient's email address

  5. Click OK and save your rule.

When CertCapture emails you a report, Microsoft Outlook forwards that email to the recipients in your rule.


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