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Link CertCapture to AvaTax

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Most customers link one CertCapture company to one AvaTax company, which is the default workflow. However, it's possible to link a CertCapture company to multiple AvaTax companies. This way, you maintain a single database of exemption certificates that can be applied to your transactions in multiple AvaTax companies, such as subsidiary companies that use the same customer numbers and accept the same exemption certificates as the parent company. As you create new companies in AvaTax, corresponding companies are automatically created in CertCapture.

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When you link to more than one AvaTax company...

In complex scenarios such as this, you cannot view or manage your exemption certificates in AvaTax.  The exemption certificates still apply to your AvaTax transactions, but you need to manage your exemption certificates in CertCapture.

Before you begin

You must have Admin permissions in both AvaTax and CertCapture to set up this configuration.


  1. To link a CertCapture company to an AvaTax company, open a support case
  2. Include the following information in the support case:
  • AvaTax account ID (specify if this is a Production or a Sandbox account)
    In AvaTax, go to Setttings > All AvaTax Settings.
    The Account ID is displayed under the company name.
  • AvaTax companies you want to link to CertCapture
    In AvaTax, go to Setttings > Manage Companies.
  • CertCapture company name
    In CertCapture, go to Settings > Account Settings > Account Details > Company Hierarchy. 

Avalara support will configure this for you and respond via the support case to confirm the companies are linked.  Once completed, exemption certificates from your CertCapture company apply to the transactions in all of the AvaTax companies that are now linked to it. 

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