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Keep CertCapture up to date

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As your business changes, you might need to make some adjustments to keep your compliance documents up to date.

Common tasks

What you might want to do

Related topics

Upload and validate a document

  • Upload and validate exemption documents.
  • Associate validated documents with your customers.
Find a document
  • Use the basic and advanced search to find an existing document.
  • Find documents associated with multiple customers.
  • Save a search for quick access.
Edit a document
  • Keep your existing document up to date, link it to other customers, or review its history.
Fix an exemption certificate
  • Resolve issues in an exemption certificate to ensure that a customer is exempt from tax.
  • Understand the exempt reason matrix for the U.S. and Canada.
Manage a campaign
  • Request compliance documents from several customers at once.
  • Export an overview of your campaign to track campaign data.
Manage users
  • Manage users and user permissions to determine what a user can and can't do in CertCapture.
Understand multijurisdictional documents
  • Learn about multijurisdictional exemption documents.
Manage certificate reports
  • Use certificate reports to keep track of your documents based on their status.
  • Forward certificate reports to other users.
Generate a failed API calls report
  • Generate a Failed API Calls report to see a full list of the certificates with unresolved errors.
Fix CertCapture API errors
  • Learn about common CertCapture API error messages and how to resolve them.
Access Single Sign On (SSO) for CertCapture
  • Request access for CertCapture’s Single Sign On (SSO).
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