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Import multiple files in CertExpress Public

This article applies to:CertCapture

If one of your vendors has shared a CertExpress Public link with you, import scanned copies of your exemption certificates to share with them.


  1. On the CertExpress Public landing page, select Import Exemption Certificates.
  2. Drag and drop files into the upload field, or select Browse Instead to select them on your computer.

  3. Selected files are listed below the upload field. Select Import to start the upload.
    If a file in your import can't be processed, the entire upload fails.

  4. Imported files are processed and sent to your vendor so that they can validate the details
  5. Return to the landing page to review the status of previous imports. 
    • Processing: Files have been added to your vendor's CertCapture account, but the vendor still needs to validate it.
    • Complete: Files have been processed and added to the correct company in CertCapture.
    • Failed: A file in the import batch couldn't be verified or added to a company in CertCapture.
    • Not Processed: Files weren't processed because one file failed.
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