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Import multiple customers

This article applies to:CertCapture

After you configure your CertCapture company, add customer records. If it's the first time you're adding customers to CertCapture, the quickest way to transfer all exempt customers from your business application into CertCapture is via an import spreadsheet. Customer information includes contact details and whether customers were billed for or shipped goods.

Exempt customers in your business application and CertCapture should match. Transfer customer records from your business application to CertCapture on a regular basis to keep it up to date. Since you process transactions in your business application, use that customer list as the source of truth. 


  1. In CertCapture, go to Customers > Import Customers.
    The Import Customers page opens.
  2. Download an import template:
    • Download the Basic Information template if your accounting software stores customer billing records and shipping states under a single customer number.
      • Each row in this template contains that billing customer's details and a field for the state where their goods were shipped. If a billing customer ships goods to more than one state, duplicate that customer row and update the Shipping Customer State field.
      • Use this table as a guide.
    • Download the Full Information template if your accounting software stores customer billing records and shipping records under separate customer numbers.
      • Each row in this template contains a billing customer's details and corresponding shipping customer's details, so you'll need more information for both. If the billing customer has multiple shipping addresses, duplicate that customer row and update the shipping details. Don't forget about the shipping customer number!
      • Use this table as a guide.
  3. Open the spreadsheet file you downloaded.
  4. Enter your customer information in the spreadsheet.
    • Exemptions are applied based on the customer number that you enter in CertCapture. If you're using CertCapture with AvaTax, make sure to use the same customer number format you see on transactions in AvaTax.

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      The following fields are required if you use CertCapture with AvaTax: Customer Number, Name, Address Line 1, City, State, Country, and ZIP.

    • Import files larger than 50 MB or with more than 40,000 lines can't be imported.
    • Column header titles cannot be modified.
    • If you add a customer number to a template and that customer number already exists in CertCapture, data in the spreadsheet will override existing information for that customer.
  5. Optional: Delete any columns that you do not want to update.
    If you import a blank column, CertCapture overwrites the field with blank data. If you do not want to update a specific field, delete the column from the spreadsheet.
  6. Optional: Add custom fields.
    To update custom fields, add a new column and make sure the column header matches the custom field name exactly. The following field types are supported:
    • Text: Enter your text in the spreadsheet cell.
    • Select: The text must exactly match one of the available selections for the custom field.
    • Multi-select: The text must exactly match one of the available selections for the custom field. Only one selection can be added via import, and it overwrites any exsiting selections.
    • Boolean: Enter Y or N.
  7. Save your spreadsheet.
  8. On the Import Customers screen, select Choose File and then select the spreadsheet from its location on your computer.
  9. Select Upload, and then select Import Customer Data to begin the upload.

A confirmation email is sent when the filing has completed processing. The email includes the total number of customers that were successfully added, as well as details about any customers that couldn't be added. Use these details to make corrections and import a new customer file as needed.

After you receive the confirmation email, search for any of the customer records you just created to confirm that the customer details are what you expect. If everything looks correct, begin uploading and validating compliance document for the customers you've added. If you're missing some, send a document request.

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