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Guidelines for the Basic Information customer import template

This article applies to:CertCapture

When to use the Basic Information customer template

In a basic template, each row contains that billing customer's details and a field for the state where their goods were shipped. If a billing customer ships goods to more than one state, duplicate that customer row and update the Shipping Customer State field.

Column Column heading Required? Description
A Billing Customer Number Required

A unique customer number. Exemptions are applied based on the customer number that you enter in CertCapture.This should generally match the customer number in your accounting or ERP system.

If you're using CertCapture with AvaTax, make sure to use the same customer number format you see on transactions in AvaTax.

B Billing Customer Alternate ID Optional

An alternate ID for your own recordkeeping purposes.

Alternate ID can't be used to exempt a customer that exists in two ERPs. In that situation, create a second customer record.

C Billing Customer FEIN Optional federal employee identification number
D Billing Customer Name 1 Required

The customer's name.

E Billing Customer Name 2 Optional Merged with Name 1.
F Billing Customer Attn Name Optional Attn Name used in cover letter template tags.
G Billing Customer Address 1 Required

Line 1 of the customer's address.

All address information should identify the customer’s primary business address. This can't be blank.

H Billing Customer Address 2 Optional

Line 2 of the customer's address.

I Billing Customer City Required Customer's city.
J Billing Customer State Required The two-letter abbreviation of the customer's state, province, or territory.
K Billing Customer Country Required

The two-character country abbreviation for the customer.

US = United States

CA = Canada

L Billing Customer Zip


Customer's zip or postal code.

M Billing Customer Phone Optional

Customer's phone number.


N Billing Customer Fax Optional Customer's fax number.
O Billing Customer Email


The customer's primary email address.

Required for sending document requests via email.

P Billing Customer Contact


A separate contact name if it differs from Customer Name 1. Used in cover letter template tags.


Shipping Customer State




The two-letter abbreviation of the state, province, or territory that issued the exemption certificate.

You can't add more than one state to this field. If your billing customer ships to multiple states, add a new row to your spreadsheet for each shipping state.

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