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Get started using the CertCapture REST API

This article applies to:CertCapture

Use the CertCapture REST API to develop a custom integration and automate interactions with the CertCapture system.  Learn how to configure an API username and password for authenticating your API calls.

Before you begin

Review the CertCapture REST API documentation:

If you want to create a username that will be used only for API credentials: 

  1. Create a new user
  2. Assign the user to your companies in CertCapture.
  3. Sign in to CertCapture as that user, and follow these steps.


  1. On any page in CertCapture, select your User Name in the upper right and then select My Profile.
    The My Profile page opens.
  2. Select the REST API Access tab.
    If you don't see this tab, submit a support case to request to have API access enabled for your company.
  3. Enter and confirm a new password for these API credentials. The API username is set by default. 
    • The API password never expires.
    • API usernames are case-sensitive. Avalara recommends the use of a lower case username.
  4. Select Update API Account to save your changes.

This username and password combination can now be used to authenticate your API calls. Your standard CertCapture password must be changed every 90 days, but your REST API password never expires. Make sure that you use the API password only as API credentials. Don't log into the CertCapture web portal using the API password, because this causes the password to expire every 90 days.

Return to this tab and repeat Steps 3-4 if you need to reset the API password.

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