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Get started using Vendor Exemptions

This article applies to:CertCapture

Learn how to use the Vendor Exemptions feature in CertCapture to manage your exemption certificates and federal withholding documents that apply to your business, and to send those documents to your vendors. 

Before you begin

You must be an Admin user to configure and send outgoing documents.


  1. Configure your exemption matrix.
    The exemption matrix tells CertCapture which exemption certificates apply to your business.
  2. Add a cover letter.
    The cover letter is sent to your vendors along with the documents that you send.
  3. Add a vendor.
    Add the vendor name, address, and contact information for any vendors to whom you need to send documents. Vendors can be added individually, or in bulk.
  4. Add shipping regions to a vendor.
    This tells CertCapture where you purchase from a vendor, which helps determine which documents you may need to send to the vendor.
  5. Add a company signature.
    This is the signature that's added to your outgoing documents.
  6. Add a gateway question.
    This step is optional, but can help to ensure that all of your outgoing documents are valid.
  7. Send a document.
    Now that you're set up, you're ready to send a document to a vendor.