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Export reports or search results

This article applies to:CertCapture

When you generate reports or search for documents and customers in CertCapture, consider exporting the results to view the data in a spreadsheet format.


  1. In CertCapture, search for customers or documents, or generate a report.

  2. Select Export Report.
  3. Optional: Select Customize Data Fields to select the columns that you want included in the report. If you don't do this, all columns are included.
    Export Results customize fields.png
  4. In the Export Report dialog box, enter a name for the report.
    If your report includes Custom Fields, you can choose to exclude Custom Fields from the export to speed up the export process
  5. Select Export Report.
  6. After you see the success message below, on the CertCapture Dashboard, select your user name in the upper right and then select Download Center.
  7. In the Download Center pane, choose one of the following options under the Actions column:
    • Select Download to download the report to your computer's default download folder.
    • Select Remove and then select OK to delete the report from CertCapture.
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