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Exclude a customer from a document request campaign

This article applies to:CertCapture

If you are no longer collecting exemption certificates from a customer, or if the customer is no longer exempt in a specific region, learn how to exclude them from document request campaigns.


  1. Choose which option you'd like to exclude:
    • Do not request any documents from specific customers:
      1. Create a Customer Attribute such as DO NOT CAMPAIGN.
      2. Add the attribute to any customers that you want to exclude from the document request.
      3. When selecting the search criteria to create a campaign, select Customer Attributes to expand the section.
      4. In the Customer Does Not Have Any of the Following Attributes section, select the attribute you created in step A.
    • Do not request documents for specific regions from some customers:
      1. Search for the customer with a region you'd like to exclude from the document request.
      2. Select the customer number to view the customer details.
      3. Select the ShipTo tab.
      4. Find the region you want to remove under the ShipTo Details section, then right-click and select Unlink ShipTo State.
      5. In the message that appears, select OK to confirm that you'd like to remove the ship-to region.
  2. Use the steps from create a campaign to complete the document request campaign.
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