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Create an exemption certificate in CertCapture for Retail

This article applies to:CertCapture

To create an exemption certificate for a customer, first you will need to search for the customer.  If you can’t find the customer, learn how to add a customerIf the customer has an exemption certificate but it's invalid or expired, renew that certificate to get your customer up to date.

  1. In CertCapture for Retail, select Search.
    The Exemption Search menu opens.
  2. Enter the customer information and select Search.
    The search results are displayed.
  3. Find the row with the customer you're looking for and select the customer number.
    The Customer Information window opens.
  4. Select Add New Jurisdiction.
    The Exemption Certificate Wizard opens.
  5. Enter the exemption certificate information.
    The information you put into the wizard is used to create the certificate.


    1. clipboard_ef25a84424c0366bd4f8152fc02d0dc92.png
    2. If Product Exemption Categories exist, select the categories that apply to your business. clipboard_e2bf900269d794fab101711a3f4953097.png
    3. When providing an exemption reason, if the reason you select isn't recognized, a message displays.Bad Exempt Reason - CA.png
    4. Once you’ve provided an exempt reason, provide information to create the certificate online or upload a copy. All forms aren't available for all states. clipboard_ec926b02b0bc21b4fc93972a89e2a34c3.png
  6. Select Save and Continue.
  7. Have the customer sign the document using a mouse, touch screen, or signature tablet.
  8. Submit the certificate and wait for CertCapture for Retail to process the information you’ve provided.
    When it’s finished, a window tells you that you’ve successfully created an exemption certificate. New Certificate - Accepted.png
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