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Create a Same-As customer relationship in CertCapture

This article applies to:CertCapture

Create a Same-As relationship to share taxability information across duplicate customer records. This is helpful if you use multiple systems that assign different customer numbers to the same customer, such as an accounting system and an eCommerce platform. Once customer records are marked same-as, they share certificate and exposure zone information. Changes or additions to certificates and exposure zones are applied across all linked customer records. 


  1. In CertCapture, find your customer record and then select the Same-As tab.
  2. Review the customer records you plan to link before proceeding.
    Once a same-as link has been established certificates and exposure zones will change and those changes cannot be automatically undone. Any mistakes could lead to inaccurate changes in customer records that you will then need to fix manually.
  3. Select Add Same-As Customer.
  4. Enter a customer name or customer number in the Customer field, and then select the customer to link.
  5. Select Link Same-As Customer.

CertCapture aligns the taxability information between the two customer records, including certificates and exposure zones. Other information fields, such as address and phone number, are not impacted

To remove an existing same-as relationship from the SameAs tab, right-click the customer number and select Unlink This Same-As Customer. Unlinking a customer record from a same-as relationship does not undo certificate changes or restore old certificates and exposure zones.

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