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Complete requests in CertExpress

This article applies to:CertCapture

When a company requests a document from you in CertCapture, use CertExpress to complete the request. Use your request code at the CertExpress landing page, or sign up for a free CertExpress account so you can sign in and manage your document requests in one place. 

When you're caught up on your pending requests, learn more about managing your documents and companies.

Enter a request code without a CertExpress account

Document requests sent via CertCapture always include an eight-digit request code. Use this code to complete requests, even if you don't have a CertExpress account.

  1. Go to the CertExpress landing page and enter the eight-digit request code in the Enter Request Code box.
  2. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions and then click Go.
  3. Select the document type, state or territory, and exemption reason to apply to your document, and then click Next
  4. Depending on the document type, complete the required fields and then click Next.
  5. Enter your name, title, and signature, and then click Next to complete your document.

CertExpress processes your document and forwards it to the requester's CertCapture account.  

Sign into CertExpress and complete pending requests

Sign into CertExpress and click Requests to view all requests that have been sent to you. 

  1. Click a request to view its details. If the sender has requested multiple documents from you, documents are sorted as Incomplete or Complete.
    Alternatively, enter your request code in the Request Code field.
  2. Locate an incomplete document and click Create Requested Document to complete it.
  3. CertExpress automatically applies your information to documents, so your first step is providing document details such as document type, state or territory, and exemption reason.
  4. Click Next to move on to the next section.
  5. If Product Exemption Categories are displayed, select the categories of items that apply to your business. 
  6. Click Import your copy of this document to upload a file from your computer.
    If this button is missing, the sender must update their Company Settings
  7. Enter the required information and click Next.
    CertExpress generates required fields based on the document and exemption reason.
  8. CertExpress saves your signature and applies it to documents for you.

You'll receive a success message when CertExpress is finished processing your document and sending it to the requester. To add additional documents, click Add a Document Not Listed Below.

Edit Company Info and Electronic Signature

CertExpress reuses your company information and electronic signature to make document completion faster. Your information and signature are stored the very first time you complete a document in CertExpress.

Sign into CertExpress and click Settings to update your personal information and electronic signature.


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