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Clone a campaign round

This article applies to:CertCapture

Cloning copies the details from a previous campaign round. Use cloning to speed up the campaign process and expedite sending a new request, following-up on a previous round, or delivering a thank you note to your customers.


  1. In CertCapture, go to Manage Documents > Campaigns.
  2. Find the campaign you want to clone, and then select Manage. 
    Campaigns are sorted as In-Progress Campaigns or Closed Campaigns.
  3. Choose the campaign round you want to clone and select Scheduling & Delivery.
  4. Under Actions, select Clone Round.
    A new tab is created with the same name as the tab you cloned, plus "clone.." (e.g., Round 1 clone).
  5. Double-click the Round tab to edit the name, then select Save Campaign Changes.
  6. Use the steps for creating a campaign to set up the new campaign round.
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