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Check exemption sync errors

This article applies to:CertCapture

Exemption certificates with errors can't be synced with AvaTax and won't be applied to transactions. After you review the errors in AvaTax, sign in to CertCapture to fix the errors. 


  1. View sync errors in AvaTax.
    1. In AvaTax, go to Exemptions.
      An error message appears when you have exemptions that can't be synced.
    2. Select View your CertCapture sync errors.
    3. Note the Certificate ID and Customer code, or select Export this report to get a list of exemptions that couldn't be synced. 
      • Certificate ID, Customer name, and Customer code - Use these to find your exemption in CertCapture.
      • API error - Use this information to correct your exemption.
  2. Correct exemptions in CertCapture.
    1. In CertCapture, go to Search > Certificate search.
      Use the information you found in Step 1 to search for your exemptions.
    2. In the list of search results, select a Certificate ID to open the certificate details page.
    3. Select Edit to change certificate details and correct any information that prevented a successful sync.
    4. Select Update certificate to save.

CertCapture resends the updated certificate information to AvaTax. Once successful, exemptions will be applied to transactions.

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