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Change multiple customer numbers with an import template

This article applies to:CertCapture

If you need to change the Customer Number for multiple customers, consider using an import template to change them all at one time. You may need to do this if your business implements a new business application that uses a customer number format different than your previous business application.

Before you begin

  • Import files larger than 50 MB or with more than 40,000 lines can't be imported
  • Column header titles cannot be modified


  1. In CertCapture, go to Customers > Update Customer Numbers.
    The Update Customer Numbers page opens.
  2. Download the import template.
  3. Open the import template file.
  4. Enter the current customer number in the Previous Customer Number field.
  5. Enter the new customer number in the New Customer Number field.
  6. Save your spreadsheet.
  7. On the Update Multiple Customer Numbers page, select Choose File and then select the spreadsheet from its location on your computer.
  8. Select Upload, and then select Update Customer Number Data to begin the upload.
  9. In the message that appears, select OK to confirm that you'd like to update the customer numbers.
    We'll send you an email when the upload is complete.

After you receive the confirmation email, search for any of the customers you just updated to confirm that the customer numbers are what you expect.

To see which CertCapture customer changed a customer number and when, check the customer's history tab.

If you updated customer numbers by mistake, use this same process to update the customer number again.

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