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CertCapture Company Settings tab


This article applies to:CertCapture

Learn how to adjust your company settings to refine your document validation workflow.


  1. In CertCapture, go to Settings > Company Settings > Company Details.
    The Company Details page opens.
  2. Select the Company Settings tab.
  3. Select Edit Company Settings to adjust the settings.
    Refer to the table in the next section for information about each option.
  4. Select Update Company Settings to save the changes.

Company Settings fields

Field Description
Require Tax IDs in Data Entry You must enter a Tax ID when adding data to an exemption certificate.
Use Certificate Percentages

Allows you to enter an exempt percentage to exemption certificates.

A warning icon


The exempt percentage field isn't compatible with AvaTax. If you need to add a partial exemption, considering creating a custom tax rule.

Use Barcodes Applies a unique barcode stamp to the bottom of newly created compliance forms. The following information is included in the barcode:
  • Customer number
  • Exposure zone ID
  • Exempt reason ID
  • Tax ID
  • Location ID

The information is formatted as Customer number:Exposure zone ID:Exempt reason ID:Location ID.

Apply Customer Exposure Zones Only Removes any exposure zones not associated with the customer account when adding information to an exemption certificate. Helps avoid accidentally applying incorrect states to a customer.
Use Exposure Zone Description The name of the exposure zone is replaced with a description of the exposure. This is helpful when working with exposure zones with generic or uninformative names.
Set Default Requested Return Date Allows the use of a future date as the default Requested Return Date for campaigns. Turning this on helps standardize the duration of a campaign.
Populate Customer Email in Validate Documents When validating a document, your customer's email address is automatically added to the Validation Fax / Email Updates field.
Product Exemption Categories Enables you to create your own product categories for certificates you receive (for example, Party Supplies). After you create a category, you add the tax codes associated with it.




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