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CertCapture Company Information tab


This article applies to:CertCapture

Learn how to review and edit details such as your company logo, AvaTax IDs, contact information, and general preferences.


  1. In CertCapture, go to Settings > Company Settings > Company Details.
    The Company Details page opens.
  2. Select the Company Information tab.
  3. Select Edit Company Information to adjust the settings.
    Refer to the table in the next section for information about each option.
  4. Select Update Company Information to save the changes.

Company Information fields

Field Description
Company ID A unique identifier generated by CertCapture for each company. You'll need this if you're using the CertCapture REST API.
Company Logo Upload an image to represent your organization.
AvaTax Account ID The Account ID of the associated AvaTax account. This is only present after your CertCapture and AvaTax accounts are linked. You cannot edit the AvaTax Account ID.
AvaTax Company ID The Company ID of the associated AvaTax account. This is only present after your CertCapture and AvaTax accounts are linked.
Name The name of the company or sub-entity. This does not have to match the Legal Name of the entity.
Legal Name The legal name of the entity. This legal name is used to populate fields for W-8/W-9 forms.
Address (including City, State, Country, and Zip) The address associated with the sub-entity. This address is used as a contact address, return address, and response address throughout the application.
FEIN The Federal Employer Identification Number for the active sub-entity.
Phone The customer point of contact.
Corporate Emails The Support By Email address at the bottom of the online submission tool contains the corporate email address. This field is also used to populate the FROM_EMAIL template tag if used in a request cover letter. To designate the From address on outbound CertCapture messages.
Notification Emails CertCapture sends notification emails to this email address.
Account Lead

This is the Avalara employee assigned to the account, if applicable.

This field isn't open for editing.

Equipment Description A brief description of the business activity of the sub-entity, depending on the form type.
Generated Customer Number Prefix A prefix that is added to customer numbers if you choose to have CertCapture generate the customer number when adding a customer. This does not apply if you enter your own customer numbers when adding customers.
Typeahead Minimum Search Length Auto-searches won't initiate until a minimum character count is typed into the search box.
Affidavit Usage The duration of temporary exempt status for customer records with active affidavit forms. This displays as 'Inactive' if you haven't made a selection.
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