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Audit your exemption records

This article applies to:CertCapture

It's good practice to routinely audit your transactions, exempt customers and their exemption certificates to make sure you're staying compliant. Ideally, you should have a current and valid exemption certificate on file for each of your exempt customers.

Before you begin

These videos explain the basics of exemption management:


  1. Review your exempt customers and verify you have a valid exemption certificate on file for each of them.
    • Generate a customer report for customers without certificates.
    • Search for all customers that have valid certificates on file.
    • Generate a report in your business application that details customer records flagged as exempt and compare it to your CertCapture report.
  2. Review your exemption certificates to manage missing, expired, soon-to-expire, and invalid compliance documents.
  3. Run a Sales Tax Exemption Detail by Jurisdiction report to review your exempt transactions.
    Check the Certificate Applied column to find transactions that were exempted without having an exemption certificate on file. 
  4. Request documents from customers that have missing or invalid certificates.
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