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Assign documents to an auditor

This article applies to:CertCapture

Assign documents to an auditor user to ensure that they can access the documents. By default, the auditor user role does not have access to any documents, so you need to assign specific documents to them. For example, if you are under audit in Florida, assign only your Florida exemption certificates to the auditor.

Before you begin

Add a user with the auditor user role.


  1. In CertCapture, search for the documents that you want to assign to the auditor.
  2. On the search results screen, select the Perform Action on Results menu and then select Assign Certificates to Account.
  3. Select the auditor user account.
  4. Optional: Adjust the amount of time that the auditor will have access to the documents.
    The default option is Indefinite, so the auditor's access will not expire. Select the drop-down menu and select Date Range if you'd prefer to limit their access to a specific date range.
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