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Assign a retail user to a company location

This article applies to:CertCapture

Assign Retail users to company locations to ensure their workflow is dedicated to the retail location where they work.

Before you begin

Assign a Retails user to a company in CertCapture.


  1. In CertCapture, go to Settings > Company Settings > Locations. 
    If the Locations page doesn't have any information, create and edit company locations.
  2. On the Locations page, find the location you'd like to assign to a user and select View.
  3. On the Location Details page, select the Users tab to see a list of Retail users assigned to that location.
    Users Tab.png
  4. To add a Retail user to the location, select Add.
  5. In the Assign Users dialog box, type the name of the Retail user, and then select Link User Accounts.
    Assign Users.png

The Retail user appears in the Assign Users list and can access CertCapture for Retail. Select X to the right of the Retail user to delete that Retail user from the list.

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