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Add multiple exemption certificates for a customer in a single region

This article applies to:CertCapture

If your customer provides you with multiple exemption certificates for a single region, it's important to understand how to set this up in CertCapture and AvaTax. For example, a customer located in California might provide you with both a resale and an industrial production/manufacturing exemption certificate. Because a resale certificate makes the customer fully exempt and the industrial production certificate is a partial exemption, it's important to know what type of purchase the customer is making and to apply the appropriate exemption certificate.


  1. In CertCapture, upload and validate both certificates.
    • The most recently validated certificate is applied to transactions by default, so it can be helpful to validate the certificate you expect to apply most frequently last. 
    • For example, if your customer has both a resale certificate and an industrial production certificate but primarily makes purchases for resale, validate the industrial production certificate first and the resale certificate second. This ensures that the resale certificate is applied by default. 
  2. In your business application, add the exempt reason entity use codes to the customer.
    Find your business application for specific instructions on how to add an entity use code to a customer, and refer to the exempt reason matrix to find the entity use codes that correspond to each exempt reason.
  3. In your business application, select the appropriate entity use code for each transaction.
    For example, if your customer makes a purchase for resale, select entity use code G for Resale. This ensures that the resale exemption certificate is applied to the transaction.

If your business application doesn't allow you to add entity use codes, you may need to temporarily mark one of the certificates as invalid while you process a transaction for the customer.

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