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Add files and comments to a customer

This article applies to:CertCapture

In addition to the proper exemption documentation, your customer may also need to provide extra verification or additional forms.  Add files and comments to your customers in CertCapture so that all of your customer information is stored in one place.


  1. In CertCapture, search for the customer.
  2. Select the customer number.
    The customer Details page opens.
  3. Select the Comments & Files tab.
  4. Select the Add Comment / File button.
  5. Attach your file or enter your comments.
  6. Select Add to save.

The new files or comments are added to the Comments & Files tab. Select files to download them. Edit or remove information in the Action column.



Error: "File does not exists, please contact CertCapture Support"

This error occurs when you're attempting to add a comment to a customer while viewing a top-level company. 

Select the appropriate company in the company hierarchy before adding your comment or file.

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