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Add a user to multiple accounts

This article applies to:CertCapture

Users can only be added to multiple CertCapture accounts by Avalara Support. If you receive the error message That login value already exists in the CertCapture system, please choose another one, it means that the username already exists in CertCapture but is not assigned to your CertCapture account. Follow these steps to have the user added to your account.


  1. Submit a support case with the following information:
    • Login username (the username they'll use with a password when signing into CertCapture)
    • Name
    • Email
    • Phone (the phone number of their company may be used)
    • User Role (see table above)
    • Status (active or inactive)
    • Name of the account this user has already been added to
    • Names of any additional accounts that this user should be added to
    • Companies within the above accounts that the user should be added to
  2. Avalara Support sends you an email once the user has been added to the accounts.

  3. Follow up with the new user to ensure they have access to multiple accounts.
    If you didn't include company information in your initial request, sign into each account and ensure the new user has been assigned to a company.

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