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Add a user

This article applies to:CertCapture

Managing user access gives you the flexibility to share your information with others. Invite someone else to update customers and documents in your CertCapture account. Or, let them view information only.


  1. In CertCapture, go to Settings > Account Settings > Manage Users.
    The account users page opens.
  2. Select Add User.
  3. Add user details and assign them a default Role.
  4. Set the user Status to Active.
  5. Select Add User Account.
  6. Check the box beside any company they should have access to. 
  7. Optional: Adjust the user role for each company.
    User roles are assigned on a per company basis, so you may assign different user roles for different companies.
  8. Select Update Company Assignments to save.

If you receive the error That login value already exists in the CertCapture system, please choose another one, it means that the username already exists in CertCapture but is not assigned to your CertCapture account.  To resolve this, user a different username or contact support to request to have the user added to your CertCapture account.

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