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Add a ship-to customer to create a billing and shipping customer relationship

This article applies to:CertCapture

Create a billing and shipping customer relationship by assigning a Ship To customer to the Bill To customer. This feature is helpful when you send the invoice to one customer number (the Bill To customer) but ship to a different customer number (the Ship To customer). Exemption documents added to the Bill To customer flow down to its associated Ship To records.


  1. In CertCapture, search for your customer.
  2. Select the ShipTo tab.
  3. Select Add ShipTo Customer.
  4. Enter the customer name or customer number of the Ship To customer.
  5. Select Link ShipTo Customer.

The customer number you've entered is now a Ship To customer of the customer you currently have open. The customer you have open is now the BillTo customer. If the Bill To customer has an exemption certificate on file for the Ship To customer's home state, the Ship To customer is also treated as exempt in that state.

Unlink an exposure zone

To unlink the Bill To / Ship To customer relationship, navigate to the ShipTo tab of the customer, right-click the Ship To customer number, and select Unlink ShipTo Customer.

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