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You're New to CertCapture but Your Company Isn't

This article applies to:Avalara CertCapture

If your company already uses CertCapture, but you're new to using CertCapture, we've gathered some resources to help you learn the basic features and functionality of CertCapture.

This video explains the basics of certificate management. To exempt sales tax correctly, it's great to have a foundation in exemption certificate management.

Steps What's it all about Resources
1. Access and understand CertCapture These guides show you how to access CertCapture as well as provide an overview of every tab and the tasks that you can accomplish in each tab.
2. Search for certificates and customers As your business grows, so does your collection of exemption certificatesHoverTT.png. Find them using the CertCapture search options. Finding information is the first step to acting on it and staying compliant with exemptions.
3. Add or edit customer and certificate details To effectively manage your exemptions, the certificate and customer information you enter into CertCapture needs to be accurate and up to date. When you add businesses or your customer situations change, make sure to update the data in CertCapture. There are several ways to access the data you need to change.
4. Upload compliance documents Getting exemption certificates and other documents into CertCapture is key to managing exemptions. You'll do this in three steps: upload PDFs, make sure the PDFs look right (no upside down pages!), then map the exemption information to your customers. Upload certificates anytime you get new or revised documents from customers.
5. Request certificates Send out certificate requests to one customer or hundreds; make it even easier for them by providing access to the web portal. CertCapture's certificate campaign features help you make sure you get the documents you need to stay compliant.
6. Change company details As your business grows, you may need to make changes to your company details in CertCapture. Change your company details, such as address, settings, and logo, at any time.
5. Attend our CertCapture webinars Learn from subject matter experts to get the most out of Avalara products.
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