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Use Public CertExpress to collect documents from customers

This article applies to:Avalara CertCapture

Create a Public CertExpress URL and send it to customers or add it to your website. Customers use this link to complete or upload exemption certificates instead of waiting on a document request or campaign. Certificates created via Public CertExpress are added to your company in CertCapture, where you'll validate and assign them to customers.

Get a Public CertExpress Link for your customers

Enable Public CertExpress

This feature must be enabled by an account admin.

  1. Go to Settings > Company Settings > Company Details.
  2. Click the Company Settings tab, click Edit, and then enable the Public Wizard setting.

Allow customers to import multiple files at once

To allow customers to import multiple certificates at once: 

  1. Go to Settings > Company Settings > Company Details and click the CertExpress tab
  2. Enable Upload Document Only

Get a Public CertExpress Link

  1. Go to Settings > Company Settings > Public CertExpress
  2. Copy and paste the URL at the top of the page (beginning with
  3. Add this URL as a hyperlink on your website, in a hyperlinked image, or send it directly to customers.

What does my customer see when they use Public CertExpress?

Step Example

The Public CertExpress URL leads to a CertExpress landing page featuring your company logo and company name.

Adjust your company logo in Company Settings.

CertExpress asks for your customer's state or region and their exempt reason so that it can display the correct document. PCE-Select-2.png
CertExpress presents the required fields for the document your customer needs. PCE-Fill-3.png

Customers can click Import your copy to upload up to 10 files at once.

Disable the upload option at Company Settings > CertExpress Settings.

CertExpress requests a signature and applies it to the document. PCE-Sign-4.png
Customers view, download, or share the finished document after it processes. PCE-Done-5.png