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Updated Template Tags for Request and Campaign Cover Letters

This article applies to:Avalara CertCapture

When you need compliance documents from your customers, ask for them directly from CertCapture. Either send requests to one customer at a time or send requests to a group of customers all at one time by setting up and sending a campaign. When you send requests or campaigns, it's a good idea to include a cover letter, so your customers understand what you're asking for. 

When you're writing cover letters, insert template tags so that one letter can be sent to several customers and the information in each letter is customized for each recipient. For instance, you might insert the BUSINESS_NAME tag so that the cover letter you send to a customer contains their name.

As of CertCapture 6.6 some of the template tags used for cover letters have been updated. 

For almost all CertCapture customers, this update has taken place automatically. There's nothing you need to do except be aware of the change and start using the new template tags. 

If for some reason Avalara wasn't able to update your CertCapture template tags automatically, you'll see a message the next time you set up a cover letter for a request or campaign. 

Old template tag New template tag

Note: This single template tag replaces both PORTAL_LOGIN and PORTAL_PASSWORD as a single string of characters your customers will need to access the new form submission portal.