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Set up the CertCapture REST API

This article applies to:Avalara CertCapture

Use the CertCapture REST API to develop custom integrations and automate interactions with the CertCapture system. A separate purchase of REST API access is not required for setting up CertCapture for eCommerce.  If you don't have access to the REST API but are interested, contact your Customer Account Manager (CAM).

CertCapture REST API Documentation

CertCapture's REST API has its own homepage outside of the Help Center. 



Set up a REST API Username and Password

Configure an API username and password for authenticating your API calls.

If you want a user dedicated to API matters: create a new user for API purposes, assign them to your companies in CertCapture, sign into CertCapture as that user, and follow these steps.

  1. Click your User Name in the upper right, and then click My Profile.

  2. Click the REST API Access tab. If this tab isn't available, contact your Customer Account Manager (CAM) to make sure your account has been granted API access.
  3. Enter and confirm a new password for these API credentials. The API username is set by default. 
    • The API password never expires
    • API usernames are case-sensitive (CertCapture recommends the use of a lower case username)
  4. Click Update API Account to save your changes.

This username and password combination can now be used to authenticate your API calls.

Return to this tab and repeat Steps 3-4 if you need to reset the API password. 


CertCapture API Errors

Errors that occur between CertCapture and your software. These are not errors for communications between AvaTax and CertCapture.

Error Message


Signed date cannot be empty

Fix the Certificate's Signed Date.

Expiration date cannot be empty

Fix the Certificate's Expiration Date.

Certificate exempt reason does not exist in <entity_name>

Contact Avalara Support about how exemptions are mapped on your account.

Certificate is not linked to a state.

Fix the state linked to your certificate.

Certificate is not linked to a country.

Fix the country linked to your certificate.

The certificate customer(<customer_number>) is not associated to a country.

Fix your customer's country info.

The certificate customer(<customer_number>) does not contain an address.

Fix your customer's address.

The certificate customer(<customer_number>) does not contain a city.

Fix your customer's city.

The certificate customer(<customer_number>) does not contain a zip.

Fix your customer's zip code.
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