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Search for Certificate Templates

This article applies to:Avalara CertCapture

There's a library of blank exemption certificate templates in CertCapture. When you need a customer's exemption certificate, send them a template from the library.

Find a template in the certificate library

CertCapture's exemption certificate template library includes blank versions of the major exemption certificates for the U.S. and Canada. To find a template:

  1. Go to Content LibraryCertificate Library.
  2. Click All Exposure Zones.

  3. Find the exposure zone (state or province) related to the certificate you want to send, and then select a form from the list.
    • Click Blank Form to open a template with empty fields. 
    • Click Prefilled Form to open a template that includes your company name, address, and products or services. 
  4. Send the template to your customer, so they can complete and return it.

Create custom certificates

Have a unique business situation? Use a form you can't find in CertCapture? Email to learn about adding custom certificates.

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