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Product Exemption Categories in CertCapture

This article applies to:Avalara CertCapture

By using Product Exemption Categories, you can apply exemptions to specific product categories (for example, Dry Goods, Electronics, etc.)  

Benefits include:

  • You create categories for your customers that include specific tax codes. (You must have Administrator permissions.)
  • Your customers select from the categories list to create each certificate. If your CertCapture Company ID is linked to your AvaTax Company ID, the associated tax codes are passed to AvaTax for exemption. 
  • Product exemption categories are printed on exemption certificates on the last page.
  • You can search and report on your product exemption categories.
  • The categories you create are available to your customers in CertCapture, CertCapture for Retail, CertExpress, Public CertExpress, and CertCapture for eCommerce.
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